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June 19, 2006

Luggage holding

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Thanks to MT I recently got a nice little rollaboard suitcase, which is the perfect size for a weeklong trip. I packed it all up and plan to use it as checked baggage, but on the way to the airport JN pointed out that it works as a carryon. Sure, I'll try that, so I did express checkin and I was in the security line with plenty of time to make my flight.

Of course I'm flagged for baggage search. Of course it's the bag I thought I'd check.
Did I forget something verboten in there? I was going to bring the 250-piece hacksaw set for my friend, but I thought I'd left that at home. The little gift of C4 that I'd cleverly wrapped in a package of colorful wire hadn't fit, so I left it at home too. Maybe it was my security-blanket Bowie knife that I always keep nearby?

It was TSA training day or something, because I had two screeners going through my luggage. Thoroughly.
With the ginger care shown by competitive builders of houses of cards.
Each item was carefully removed from the suitcase and placed on the table: my shoes efficiently stuffed with socks, the extra toothpaste I tossed in at the last second, the giant stack of books I always somehow travel with even when I try to pack light.

At least this time I didn't have a suitcase stuffed full of vibrators. Not like some trips.

The bag is now completely empty and has been inspected and swabbed and felt up for hidden pockets. Am I done? Not hardly.

As each item is replaced in the bag it is thoroughly unfolded, patted down, massaged, sniffed, and held up to the light. If Tshirts had tea leaves, mine would be read. By now 45 minutes or so has gone by, and my flight is just about finished boarding. And yet the search continues.

Finally I pass muster, and everything has been piled back into my previously-tidy bag. I shoved it back together as best I could, zipped up, and sprinted to the gate, where they're calling my name. Of course the flight is full. Of course there's no space for my rollaboard. Of course I have to check the thing anyway.

As I'm shoehorning myself into my middle seat (ugh), the flight attendant comes by, talking with a maintenance worker. She points out that some of the armrests are coming apart, and can he fix them before takeoff. Mr Maintenace pulls out a roll of duct tape (of course!) and cuts a length from the roll with the Leatherman tool that he pulls from his back pocket.

A Leatherman.

With giant blades and pointy things.

In his back pocket.

Past security, in an area where people saw at steaks with plastic butter knives. So that he can hold the plane together with duct tape.

I feel much safer now.


June 13, 2006

Sleepy happy dog bed

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I've been travelling, and it's great to be back in the land of broadband and WiFi. Such things are lacking at my mom's house in Indiana.

I was staying with a friend who has two fabulous Labradors, Merlin and Oz. Her house has all the bedrooms on the second floor, with a door and outdoor staircase from the master bedroom. I'm sleeping in one of the kids' bedrooms, so I use the ordinary indoor stairs and go out the kitchen door downstairs.

One fine evening at 3am, Merlin comes to wake me up. This isn't normal for him, and he's giving me a little-Timmy-has-fallen-down-the-well look and is leading me to the master bedroom. I'm thinking that my friend must be strangling herself in her sheets or something, so I go to check.

Everything is fine. I go back to bed.

Merlin wakes me up again, and leads me to the master bedroom. I finally figure it out — he wants to go out, and usually when he wakes someone in the night they use the upstairs door. So I go downstairs and let him out the kitchen door. He pees like a racehorse and then happily comes back inside.

Everything is fine. I go back to bed.

Then Merlin wakes me up again, and leads me to the master bedroom. I figure that he has some unfinished business outside, so I go downstairs and open the kitchen door… but the dog doesn't come. I head back upstairs to discover that Merlin had lured me out of bed so that he could climb in. I'm such a sucker.

So I curl up with 80 pounds of damp-pawed snuffling shedding snoring dog and go back to sleep.


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