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October 22, 2006

Down, Down, Down

Filed under: life — letslucky @ 7:59 pm

Boy does this suck. Depression is settling her sweet self right back into my life, my meds are deciding that it’s time for a medication holiday, and my back is still killing me.

The back pain is making me feel old old old. I walk like an old lady. I need help out of cars. I wince at every jolt and bump. Took the last week off work so that I can do NOTHING but lie in bed. No bending. No leaning. No twisting, stretching, reaching, stooping, squatting, pulling, pushing, straining.

I’m housebound in a place that hasn’t been vacuumed in more than a month. My toilet is a science experiment since I can’t bend down to clean it. My cat is about to defect to a country with clean litterboxes.

And meanwhile I’m really damn happy that my back injury gives me a reason to just stay in bed and coddle the depression. And I’m really damn happy that the depression gives me a way to just stay in bed and try to get my back to heal.


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