Live! At the Whiney-A-Go-Go!

November 1, 2006


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Today part of my childhood died.

Depression is absence of emotion. It’s a dull dark well where you can sometimes hear voices from the surface but you’re too tired to even call for help.

Sadness is different. It hurts, but gathering your friends around makes it hurt less.

During periods of strong emotion, my nightmares change a bit. They become themed around natural disasters and extreme weather — tsunami, drowning, tornadoes, violent storms. Last night’s nightmare was about being outdoors with a large group of people — it was a concert or something. Without warning the sky opened and buckets of rain poured down. You couldn’t see, you couldn’t hear for the pounding, and the crowd was so large and thick that there was no way to get to shelter,even if shelter could be had. I managed to look up and keep my eyes open just long enough to notice a bright, strong shaft of sunlight coming through the downpour, making the most brilliant double rainbow I’d ever see. I was trying to get the attention of the people around me, but nobody else was able to see it.


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