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February 9, 2007

Bad dreams

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I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams. Hamlet IIii

I have a lot of nightmares but one particularly hideous one recently, of the
type that make me not want to go to sleep again.

Normally I love it when I dream about the pets I’ve had. It’s like they’re
visiting me again, and usually they show up in my dreams as their healthy
young selves, without all the aging and illnesses that I’d nursed them
through. Which was true in this dream too, but it was not a good dream anyway.

The dream was something about needing to cure some meat, and for some reason
we (me and John) needed to test the curing process, and the test meat had to
be our cats. There were two methods of curing the meat. One of them was to
lock the cat into a box that caused it to have hallucinations of the sort that
drive you completely insane and suicidal, but allow you to live. And remember
that this would be cat hallucinations — cats are basically on acid all the
time anyway, so it would be beyond torture. The other method is to put the cat
in a canopic jar with chemicals. John was favoring that method, but insisting
that we have to dismember the cat first, and put each organ into a different
jar. Eventually I convinced him that mutilation wasn’t necessary, and we could
just put the whole cat in one jar. So I smothered my beloved Cerebus, put him
in a jar, and poured evil chemicals all over him. Then later took him out (he
still looked like himself) to taste the result. And this wasn’t even for the
real product. He was just the test.

After waking up I went to lie down on the cold tile floor in the kitchen for
a while, to make sure I wouldn’t go back to sleep. No way do I ever want any
image in my head related to that dream ever ever never ever again.


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