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February 12, 2007

Lookit me! I got thrown out of a club!

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This weekend I was at a show at the Grand. Wanted to see a band that had a great great album, She Wants Revenge. Was drinking a bit pre-show, was in good mood, was dressed and primped and ready to party.

And at some point during the preshow hubbub, security showed up and very kindly escorted me out of the building. I was with a friend and he was apparently not the problem… what they said to him is “she has to leave now.”

We went around the corner and sat on barstools in confusion. What the hell just happened? Did I look at somebody crosseyed? Did they mistake me for someone else? Did I accidentally throw some gang signal or something?

A little time passed, and we thought we’d try again. Now the bouncers were happy to see me back, said that I looked so much better, and let us in. WTF? We got back inside in time to see the headliners… but the sound system was so very very sucky that we decided to leave again anyway. I wondered if I should do something to get tossed out, but decided against it.

I’m baffled. Apparently drinking more means that you’re a better concert-goer!


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