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May 9, 2007


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What the heck does “Prom” stand for anyway??

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The prom theme was something like “Love Throughout The Ages” or something. I can’t remember. Anyway, the idea was that historically themed promwear was encouraged (by the tirelessly-chipper sort who later become PR twinkies, anyway), so what I wanted was an authentic flapper dress.

I had a bazillion sources for such things, from my grandmother’s trousseau to the stock of the vintage stores where I worked. Nothing was right. The Friday before prom, I resigned myself to spending the weekend at the mall, being slowly deadened by taffetta outgassing.

And then Biff (I called him Biff, it’s not his real name) rolled up in his limo (it was a station wagon, but whatever) and jumped out with a fabulous Louis Vuitton overnight case (a paper grocery sack) full of a surprise.

With my grip of reality firmly in hand, I looked in the bag.

My god, it’s full of fringe.

Biff had managed to come up with <i>his</i> grandmother’s dress, which was an authentic flapper dress. Skintight, princess seamed satin above, silk fringe below, fully lined with some interior hardware bits that I later realized were anchor points for foundation garments.

It was an unbelievable find. And a great prom. And a boyfriend that made me a bad please-take-me-back tape, then a year later pierced his tongue and bought a motorcycle.

Honey, if you’d done that long beforehand, we might still be together.

Anyway, it was a good prom, a great prom photo, and a bitter memory because I had to be home by 11pm. Grrr.

May 6, 2007

Mending House

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In my own dream imagery, houses are a fairly conventional way of representing my own brain, or my life, my psyche, myself. Now read this dream that came just as I was having my periodic crisis of overscheduling and depletion of emotional resources.

In my dream, I have somehow become the owner of a house. It’s a gorgeous huge elaborate Victorian, full of gingerbreading and turrets and french-doored balconies and widow’s walks and wraparound porches and root cellars and outbuildings and all the details you could possibly imagine. And it’s been horribly horribly neglected. This house should be on some list of impressive historical buildings, except that it’s all broken down and nobody has paid attention to it in years.

ML is with me, and he and I start to investigate the house. It looks like the roof will hold, there aren’t too many infestations of rats and raccoons, and nobody is going to fall to her death through the floor. But oh boy is there a lot of work to do. A storm is coming, and the first thing to determine is whether there is a safe room or two in which to sit out the violence. Because the foundation is fundamentally solid, we will be safe during the storm.

There are a lot of repairs to do anyway, so I get to work on it after we’ve finished with the storm preparation. ML says that he knows a lot about electrical engineering, and together we can pull new cables and have the place rewired pretty quickly. But first I need to do a lot of structural work on replacing doors and repairing walls, and he can’t help with that at all. But he does know a friend who works at a lumberyard, and has already arranged to have a load of lumber delivered — it’s in the yard and ready for me to use.

We bring the lumber in, and I get to work. Since ML can’t help me do the actual repairs, he’s decided to fix me dinner for sustenance while I do the work myself. I bet he’s laid in a supply of blister treatments and foot soaks. So I go hammering and sawing away, smelling bacon and rosemary and good healthy things cooking in the kitchen.

During this time, neighbors keep coming over to borrow things. But I have no resources to give them! I’m normally very generous, but right now I have so much going on in my own life that I just can’t spare any of my resources for them. “Borrow a hammer?” No, sorry, I’m using my hammer right now and I really can’t give it up! “Hey, I could use that old screen door!” Sorry, but I’m in the process of hanging that screen door myself! I can’t give it to you because I need it myself! Normally I would anyway, but right now I really have to keep the flies out of my house so that I can think at all.

As I perform my repairs in the house, room by room, the house itself becomes more appealing. Not only am I finding fabulous building resources in every room (hey! look at this stash of antique Tiffany windows!”), but I also find fun things about the house itself. Secret passageways, hidden doorways, little bits of convenient built-in features that I couldn’t have designed better myself!

And the storm blows impotently outdoors while I settle into a gourmet dinner with ML, knowing that things aren’t great now, and he can’t fix things for me, but I’m absolutely capable of fixing them myself. And after that I can even go back to sharing resources with my friends too.

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