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October 21, 2007

Yesterday was the first day of the rest of my life.

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And today is the second, and so help me it’s going to be a lot better.

We got all the divorce paperwork finished on Friday. I thought that the emotional rollercoaster part of the process was over, but nur. The good part is that the bureaucracy works very well at keeping your mind off things. Go to this room. Don’t talk. The man with the gun (bailiff) tells you to stand up and sit down and spit out your gum. You notice that there are a lot of disrespectful people in the courtroom. The judge doesn’t smile at them. She’s much nicer to the ones who stand up straight and who refrain from things like painting their nails. She’s very patient with the ones who need interpreters. And she tells me that my paperwork isn’t quite right and I need to go see the Family Law Advocate to finish up.

It’s very cool that there are volunteer attorneys who cannot act as your attorney, but they can give basic advice on filling out the forms, and they’re much less hurried than the judge.

We spent the afternoon waiting and being called up and waiting and getting one form finished and waiting and then finally finishing the last bit. And then we were official. I think we startled the lawyer by high-fiving each other, and making plans to go get a beer and celebrate our divorce.

Amicable! And many thousands of dollars cheaper than if we’d even had a mediator help us, rather than doing all the negotiating ourselves and using only minimal attorney time to verify that each of us is being fair to ourselves as well as each other.

Yesterday I celebrated and wallowed and pranced and cried and gloated and lamented. Today I’m making a list (yay! list!) of all the things I can do now that I’d had on hold. Cleaning the house. Starting my new job.  Answering customer email that’s been piling up. Making sure my credit reports reflect my new status. Rolling over retirement accounts that I’d been neglecting.

Waving, not drowning.


October 17, 2007

Aside from… well… the obvious

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I think the lyrics of “The Lady Is A Tramp” are all about me. I mean, besides the obvious.

“She’s broke but it’s OK”

“She hates California, it’s cold and it’s damp” (Well, I love CA, but just this second I’m hating the cold and damp part.)

“She gets too hungry for dinner at 8” (…and with that, I have to go eat. Note the time of my post.)

October 16, 2007

Where the heck have you been???

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I’ve been right here! Not writing!

In case anyone ever tells you that writer’s block isn’t real, they’re wrong. The words aren’t coming. Even when I’m writing technical docs, the words aren’t there, just the blinking accusatory cursor and the mantle of guilt for slipping a deadline.

But it’s getting better! Perhaps even if I can’t write about Things, I can write about the mundane daily-life things? Please?

Like how the upstairs neighbors have moved out and taken with them their toddler, their noisy toys, their loud phone (with audible caller ID), their drums, their electric guitars, and their endless arguments about how he loves his mother more than he loves his wife. Said argument coming from the mouth of the wife. Anyway, no more! The new neighbor seems very very VERY quiet. Then again, she hasn’t moved in yet. Time will tell.

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