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August 7, 2006

No Sequiturs

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This makes sense in our bug list, but I love it out of context:

This was a problem with powering off a child, the parent needs to
have timeouts to detect missing children.


August 3, 2006

Causing Effect

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A few months ago I volunteered to be the one to get snacks for the office. It’s fun, because I get to stock the kitchen with all the things that I like.

In the past three months, I’ve gained 10 pounds.


March 11, 2006

Holiday for Great Joy

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I’m having a little vacation this week in Albuquerque. A friend of mine finished his book last summer, so we took a little holiday in celebration. This trip was scheduled then, in celebration of finishing my own book.

Well, the trip is still on, but the book isn’t finished. So the trip became a retreat so that I can write for a week and finish the book.

Except now I’m so dang busy at work that I need to get some other stuff done, so I set aside the week for catching up on some business administration that I’ve been putting off for, oh, more than a year.

But then there’s a work project that got out of hand, so now I’ll be spending the week doing that. And I get to return home to all the other overload.

And the book will still not be getting done anytime soon.

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