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November 23, 2007

Now that’s what I call stopping traffic!

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Every day the traffic report has a mix of accidents, stalls, and debris on the road. Often they tell you what the debris is: a ladder, a mattress, a pallet. The weirdest one I ever saw was on the San Francisco Bay Bridge. On the line between the lanes was a very very large fish.

I hope to never be the reason for this type of traffic report, but today I was hauling some of my stuff around, and was pondering what would happen if my payload came loose. You recall that I knit? Of course you do. I was hauling half a dozen large bins full of brightly colored balls of yarn. Had they spilled, they’d go bouncing merrily about the lanes like so many overgrown superballs.

But what if the accident happened to involve the van carrying kittens to the mall for holiday adoption season? Kittens everywhere. Balls of yarn galore. Imagine the rubbernecking — probably drivers would just stop altogether and watch the chaos.

So I drove very carefully, and no pets were harmed in the posting of this message. Plus, kittens make a very bad xmas gift anyway.


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